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Stronger As A Team

Team Mission

Our mission is to be leaders and provide clarity within the twisted health and fitness industry, regardless of our clients goals or training experience.

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About TK

At a young age, Niall has had the privilege of working with some of the best in the industry. He brings the personal to personal training by applying a practical approach to fit your lifestyle. You will never catch Niall cramming triangles into circles or using “cookie-cutter” tactics. You are unique and so is our systematic plan of action, this is how we will get guaranteed real results to last you a lifetime. Whether your needs are weight loss, improved sleep, gut health, hormone function, nutrition, mobility, strength, sport-specific skill development, or improving your mindfulness, together we will leave no stone unturned.


Team Values

We value building strong relationships with all of our clients and the public through our pillars of honesty, consistency, integrity, and courage. We will always stay clear of judgment, never to talk down, or judge ourselves to others.

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Team Kellestine is first and foremost a community. Members and teammates are able to come together and share success stories, helpful nutrition & training tips with one another. We are a place where members can share their frustrations and setbacks on their fitness journey.

Team Kellestine is the place where everyday people discover what they truly have within them.