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One of the more popular growing options today is remote coaching. Remote coaching gives you the ability to still receive high level, customizable personal training while staying in the comfort of your own home or local gym. The problem is, it seems like everyone is an online coach these days. One thing you will find with Team Kellestine is that I am not your average online coach.

Just like our in-person coaching, I will personally be monitoring your progress 100% of the way helping to guide you to your destination in the most efficient way possible. Starting off with an initial assessment going over your needs/goals, past injuries, exercise, access to equipment (track/field/pool), and sports history. After gathering this important info, we will dial-in our weekly plan of action by 10-20 minute Zoom check-in or email if you prefer. Limiting our risk of injury, overtraining, helping you stay accountable, and more importantly ensure we are getting stronger physically and mentally! (Packages and lengths of phases are subject to change based on past injury, exercise/sport history, and of course your goals!)

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