Cold Season is Here!

Here are 3 tips for navigating sniffle season!

  1. If you experience symptoms above the neck, like a runny nose or head cold, then exercising is ok. In fact, feeding a cold with some moderate exercise, like a brisk walk, may be helpful. Research confirms that regular, moderate aerobic exercise can strengthen your immune system. Those who exercise five days or more a week are much less likely to succumb to a cold or flu than their inactive peers.

  2. If you are running a fever, it’s probably better to give the workout or run a skip. During exercise, our metabolism increases due to a rise in body heat. If you start with an elevated body temperature, then your body will be unable to bring its internal heat back to equilibrium. If fever gets too high, you break down proteins, maybe in the kidneys or liver. If you have a flu or virus with fever and pain, then the best remedy for your ailment is plenty of bed rest.

  3. If you’re sick, don’t go to the gym.

Common cold and flu viruses can stay on equipment – like dumbbells, plates and barbells – for many hours after they’ve come into contact. In a place where a lot of people are sweating simultaneously, touching your nose or mouth during a workout is common and with unwashed hands, this is a direct route for viruses. When you’re sick, consider exercising privately – at home or away from lots of people. If you’re worried about getting sick at the gym, always carry a towel and perhaps some hand-disinfectant.

Stay well my friends!