Inner Strength

Inner strength is a fire that burns inside of you to become the strongest version of yourself. It is impossible for you to reach your deepest desires without a full combination of physical, mental, and

emotional inner strength. There’s inner strength and confidence inside all of us, sometimes we just need an awakening.

Now before you even look at the questions below, you may be asking yourself “why is Niall my

nutrition/strength coach asking me to fill out a self-awareness form...”

In my opinion Self-awareness, goal setting and visualization are the KEYS to getting what you truly want out of life. Want to be an Olympic athlete? Well, you better have a strong visualization of your dream to keep you on track when dealing with injuries and naysayers saying it can’t be done. Want to be the owner of a successful business? You better have daily, weekly and quarterly goals to keep that business running optimally and keep your employees happy. Want to transform your body and get into the best shape of your life? Again, you must have a clear vision and smart goals to accomplish your desires when the self-doubt and obstacles of life try to veer you off course. See where I am going with this?

NONE of these can happen unless you have extreme clarity on who you are and where you want to be in life. These following questions are going to light that fire inside of you. I want you to take your time to answer these. I also don’t want you to just answer them in your head. Grab a pen and paper and WRITE THEM DOWN! There is something very real about writing your answers down that creates reality and forces deeper thinking and understanding. You can also put these in a common place where you will see them often to keep that fire lit inside of you.

So without further ado, let's go ALL IN.

Self Awareness Questions

  1. What do you want out of life? Be short clear and honest.

  2. What is currently in between you and your needs above?

  3. Knowing your obstacles and knowing it is on YOU to get what you want in life, what can you do to overcome your obstacles?

  4. Why did you choose me to be your coach? What was it that brought you to me?

  5. Who will benefit from you becoming a better version of yourself?

  6. What are your weakest attributes?

  7. What attributes in others do you want to see in yourself? (Friends, family, co-workers, t.v/movie stars, etc.)

  8. What must you do to make your life complete before you die?

  9. What masteries are required for you to live out your vision?

  10. Does your plan of action meet your vision?

  11. When do you feel your best?

  12. What are you most devoted to? Does this reflect who you want to be? Does this reflect your current habits?

  13. Who is most important to you?

  14. Who are you most important to?

Plain and simple, you cannot solve your problems with the same mindset that created them. You just

answered some very tough questions and probably brought to surface some excellent and maybe not so excellent qualities of yourself. Those not so excellent qualities don’t make you a bad person, NOBODY is perfect! In order to become the strongest version of yourself you must be aware of both your light and dark qualities, that is why these self-awareness questions are so important for your success. Just like anything in life, you get out what you put in.

Don’t just skim through these questions out loud. Set yourself up free from distraction, free from ego and you will get a MASSIVE return. You cannot create your vision if you don’t know who you are. You also can’t create a real vision if you don’t evaluate where you’re currently at either. You need both, let’s make that happen together.