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519 School of Hip Hop

"I have had the pleasure of working with Niall on various mobility & strengthening workshop series for the students and instructors at 519 School of Hip Hop. With every interaction it is evident that Niall is knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. But his ability to connect with each participant and tailoring his approach to meet the needs of individuals is definitely admirable and refreshing."


Josh Goud

PT/Physio Client

I knew Niall from working alongside him so I got to see him in action and that sold me on his programming, knowledge, and skillset as a trainer. He always brings a fresh perspective and a lot of enthusiasm to every session and that's just what I needed to take my agility, speed, and power to the next level. I needed a new kick in the butt to start improving my vertical and sprint speed for the variety of sports I play. He challenged me to practice what I preach and keep smashing my own goals so that I could stay motivated and help my clients achieve theirs. The knowledge I gained from every session was enough to make it worth but then I got all the physical benefits from training hard as well. 10/10 would recommend Niall. Tell him what you want and put the work in. You won't be disappointed!


Cara Beauchamp

P/T Client

I started training with Niall almost 2 years ago. In the beginning, I was extremely inconsistent and wasn't taking it seriously. I hated working out and didn't feel comfortable in the gym or with myself.


For the past 6 months, I have been training with him consistently 3x a week & following a nutrition plan that was specific to my needs and goals & my life has completely changed. I have never felt better physically, mentally, or emotionally! I have never felt the way I have about myself before!


He is truly so passionate and has such a strong drive to help you achieve your goals, really truly cares and wants you to be successful with your fitness journey. He is always learning and taking new courses to further his education for the best interest of his clients. He pushed me when I wanted to give up, he motivated me and reassured me everything I was doing/feeling was all apart of the process. He helped me gain the confidence I never had in myself, showed me what my body was truly capable of & honestly how fun training really is.


My lifestyle has completely changed and I now realize how to achieve my goals and strive to always be better. I'm overall healthier, stronger & happier!! I can't thank him enough and excited to continue and see where my fitness journey takes me! I recommend him to ANYONE who is looking for a Coach!


Chrystal Ferguson

P/T Client

"About a year ago, I starting training with Niall. When I started, I had extremely low self-esteem. I struggled with depression, my strength and energy were at an all-time low. I was on blood pressure medication and the most unhealthiest state I had ever been in my life.

When I first met Niall we just clicked. Not only is he an amazing personal trainer who pushes me more then I could ever push myself, he actually cares! We had some obstacles to overcome and some we are still working on. Niall gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and believe in myself for the first time.

Niall continues to further his education in fitness and nutrition to provide even better one on one personalized training for his clients. Just when I thought he knew it all, he surprises me with even more knowledge.

Niall is without a doubt one of the top trainers in London. Anyone that has the chance to work with him is extremely fortunate. Personable, caring, understanding are just a few words I would use to describe Niall. I could go on but the proof is right here in the photos.

Without Niall, I wouldn't be the strong, confident woman I am today."



Stronger As A Team

Team Kellestine is first and foremost a community. Members and teammates are able to come together and share success stories, helpful nutrition & training tips with one another. We are a place where members can share their frustrations and setbacks on their fitness journey.

Team Kellestine is the place where everyday people discover what they truly have within them.

Mike Korngut, PhD

P/T Client

"I have been a member at Niall’s gym for nine months. Over that time, the majority of WOD classes I have taken have been led by Niall (well over a hundred). It has been so evident to me since class number one that Niall’s breadth of knowledge, his passion, and his communication skills make him a uniquely suited and talented coach and trainer.


For me, the most impressive thing about Niall, is that, even in a group setting, he is able to silence the near constant negative internal dialogue I have going off in my head leading up to a workout. I will be beating myself up for last night’s poor meal choices, or how difficult a particular movement is for me to perform, but Niall’s positivity and thoroughness really snaps me out of it and gets me to be present, focusing on the workout. When my frustration does occasionally boil over and I get bogged down in the details of a particular lift, Niall also goes above and beyond to meticulously break down the movement with me step-by-step, even after he has just broken it down for the group, really meeting me at my comfort level and allowing me to refocus my efforts.


In any walk of life, it is rare to encounter someone who is as good at their jobas Niall is at his age, like an elite college athlete who has entered the pros and is able not only to hang with the veterans, but to flourish. Clearly, Niall has chosen to craft what he is passionate about into a career, and it shows inhow his positive attitude and engaging demeanor motivate his clients to push themselves.

Jesse Truelove

Group Training Client

Joining any gym can be an intimidating experience. Whether it be concerns with self confidence, mobility limitations or fear of injury, simply getting started is often the hardest part. Having a coach you trust and who gets to know his clientele makes all the difference. I have been training with Niall in a group setting 2-3 times weekly for the last year now and I can say with complete confidence I would not be enjoying the same level of progress without his help. Over that time I have lost 60lbs and made significant improvements to my strength and mobility while learning skills I never thought I would be capable of. From day one Niall has gone above and beyond to get to know me and make himself available for extra help before and after class. His exceptional attention to form through timely coaching queues as well as his genuine interest in your personal growth and development create an environment where I am confident I can achieve my ever evolving fitness goals.

Manuel Gamez

P/T Client

"Training with Niall improved my athleticism in many areas. Coming off of a ankle injury, he helped me regain strength and confidence to allow me cut harder and faster on the soccer field"

Alex Springer

P/T Client

"Working with Niall over the past few months has helped drastically with my baseball and overall well being. Coming off of a injury he has helped in getting me stronger, more mobile and has taught how to use my body more efficiently. These things I've learned from Niall will stick with me and help me in my baseball career."

Mari Udarbe Han

519 Physio

Niall is a well-rounded coach.  519physio x 519 School of Hip Hop has been honoured to collaborate with Niall on several occasions.

 - He kicked off the DANCER WELLNESS PROJECT by leading members of Ill at Will Crew through a bootcamp session, where he really put their strength and power skills to test. 
 - In May 2020, Niall was a guest speaker in the ARTIST WELLNESS VIRTUAL SUMMIT where he presented on "jumps, leaps and vertical power.

- Last month, Niall helped me host mobility workshops at the 519 School of Hip Hop headquarters.

Our dancers and students have learned a wealth of knowledge from Niall when it comes to taking care of their bodies and becoming better performers.  His sense of community and passion for wellness aligns with our values.  We look forward to future collaborations with Niall! He is undoubtedly a superstar!!!


Connor McPhail

P/T Client

"Niall's continued dedication to his craft and his constant exploration into all aspects of physical wellness, mobility, and strengthening, is refreshing. It positions him in a great place to help anybody achieve their physical fitness goals, no matter what they may be."


Stronger As A Team

Team Kellestine is first and foremost a community. Members and teammates are able to come together and share success stories, helpful nutrition & training tips with one another. We are a place where members can share their frustrations and setbacks on their fitness journey.

Team Kellestine is the place where everyday people discover what they truly have within them.